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In choosing a business opportunity I kept three things in mind:1. Leverage, unlimited potential
As I have said in my article about leverage, the advantage that a entrepreneur has, that can make him or her rich is the ability to make income from the efforts of others. For me, then, there’s not much point in starting a small business in which I have to do all the work, until the day I retire. That’s just as bad as having a job. Robert Kiyosaki call that the “S” quadrant, which stands for small, specialist, solo.

You also want to be creating passive income, monthly cashflow that comes whether you keep working or not. Kiyosaki says that the way to get out of the rat race (the working-a-job trap) is to create more passive income than your monthly expenses. That’s financial independence and you can live indefinitely without working (i.e. retire) as long as that residual income keeps coming in.

That’s why I like network marketing. (Kiyosaki endorses the industry too!) You earn commissions off of other people’s sales, on an ongoing basis, and you can build your organization as big as you want (and eventually it will keep growing without you).2. Affordable up front cost, low risk
The second important factor for me (for you to, probably) is cost.

I would love to be investing in real estate… great business, especially right now with the foreclosures and low interest rates. But they want this little thing called “the down payment.” And repair costs. So real estate is a capital-intensive business.So is buying a franchise. It’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll end up in profit and stay in business if you buy a McDonald’s or a Subway franchise, etc. But it’s expensive (hundreds of thousands of dollars).

And you end up having to run the danged place, at least for the first few years, which goes back to leverage: you’re only buying yourself a job. Maybe eventually you can turn the day-to-day operations over to your manager, but until then… it’s a lot of work.Social Marketing, Working, business opportunity

Starting your own brick and mortar business is the worst option: high start up cost, you have to do all the work, and you don’t even have a successful (franchise) system to follow.

You can start your own business with my network marketing company for a few hundred dollars. So that’s affordable and low risk. You can make your money back in a reasonable period of time, and the rest will be all profit.

No doubt there will be “work” involved, and you’ll have to talk to people, a lot of people, but when you get good at it, it can be fun and financially rewarding. And as I said, you’re building a residual income, passive cashflow that keeps on coming month after month. That just makes sense.3. Internet marketing
Lastly, I didn’t want to go about building my business the hardest, most time-consuming, most frustrating and ineffective way possible, namely talking to my family and friends.

The big problem with most network marketing companies is that they still teach the “warm market” approach: recruit business partners from your friends and acquaintances who know and trust you. The theory is that since you already have a close relationship with them, they’ll listen to you pitch the business opportunity. And they’ll magically get turned on and want to start a business with you.

I tried that, and here’s what I found: very few people among my friends are interested in starting a business! I can’t understand why most network marketing companies don’t see that. They’re sending us out to get rejected over and over again because we’re approaching the wrong audience.The solution is to use the power and leverage of the Internet to easily reach out and communicate to large numbers of people. And avoid putting them on the spot by talking to them face to face… And avoid feeling rejected too, if they’re not interested.

So you have to choose a company that’s 100% positive about using the Internet to find qualified, interested people to talk to. Again, you still have to talk to people. But you can first find the right people, through online content sharing, social networking, etc. I can teach you that part, in due time.
As the owner of my network marketing company so eloquently puts it, “Technology has taken the friction out of communicating with each other.” They’ve even trademarked the term “Social Marketing,” the simple idea of rewarding people for word of mouth referrals.

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