Who Are Your Mentors?

Who Are Your Mentors? Do You Know Them?

In Part 2 Roger talks more about Shaklee’s history, about brand reinvention an about social networking – using Internet marketing to grow your network marketing business.Here are some key points to remember from Part 1.

Part 1:

He mentioned 3 mentors:His great uncle. He started his career selling clocks door to door.  He took a mail order company to #1 in the UK.  Then he took a private delivery service to #1.  Then he developed the #1 consumer credit company.  He helped hundreds of people start their own business. He used business as a vehicle to help people achieve their dreams.His Mother.  She has spent 45 years in public interest law.  Giving poorest families have equal access to legal system.  She devoted her time.A World Bank President.  The World Bank’s mission is to help poor countries develop.  They try to provide health and income, and do it in a sustainable way.

One thing his three mentors had in common was a strong, proven track record of helping many people.Process of choosing the channel and the company.The channel (network marketing) is the ultimate in consumer product marketing, because to have a one-on-one relationship with the customer is the holy grail of what all consumer product companies are trying to do.  And the way that that’s done is to give a referral from somebody that the consumer knows and trusts.

Working through people & choosing people to be our vehicle of distribution (1) is more effective from a standpoint of marketing (2) allows us to have an impact and help people because people get rewarded economically for sharing the products.Fifty-five years ago Dr. Shaklee decided to deliver the products through people.  This was revolutionary in his day. He did it to get the double benefit:

To be able to tell a more compelling story: a live testimonial about the impact of the products.  The best form of advertisement was someone who tried our products.To give people the chance to earn money and create an economic future for themselves.  Make a positive impact on the people who are selling it allowed Roger to accomplish his goal of making a big impact.Within network marketing, why did Roger choose Shaklee?mentors search, helping others, growing safely

1.  Impeccable reputation.  He feels that lack of reputation is a huge constraint for the networking industry.  In Shaklee he found a company that could be attractive and real and substantive and never overhype.  It has a 50 year track record which is proof that they can provide an economic opportunity and a health benefit to people.“I believe that reputation is one of the great limitations of why people don’t join more into our business.”  There are 13 million in the direct selling industry.  But here are over 300 million people in the US.If we could remove the constraint of reputation and show that it’s real and substantive and tangible, and show proof that it could last for generations (Shaklee has paid out $5 Billion to their distributors over the last 55 years)… then people would be interested.

2.  Every one of them (300 million people outside the direct selling industry) wants something that we have to offer:

  • Better health
  • Opportunity to create your own business
  • Opportunity to grow and to experience the world

3.  To succeed you have to be in growth sectors:

The Health industry will see growth for the next 20, 30, 40 years.  We have to change our perception of what health care is.  Health care can no longer be, “Wait till you get sick and then we’ll make you healthy.”  We can’t afford that any longer.  We have to keep people healthy so they don’t get sick.  That’s a shift to prevention.  And that shift is going to shift tens of billions of dollars into the prevention side of the equation.

Also there are millions of people around the world who want access to basic nutrition.  So the health… and natural health component of it… is going to be growing.Demographically:  Baby boomers want to stay younger and look younger and fight aging. The young want to stay young and vital.Green.  People care more and more about taking care of our planet and the impact that we have as a human species.   They want us to preserve and protect the Earth.  So to be in the world of “natural” and “chemical free” and taking care of our plant… means growth.

There is a huge demand for income.  The US has high unemployment.  2-3% GDP growth will absorb the 2-3% efficiency gains with therefore no growth in employment.  Developing world people need income too.“Shaklee was the only company that met all the criteria”.“300 million people want something we offer.”

Here’s Part 2:

If you want to check out more about Shaklee, please visit my personalized Shaklee website. That link takes you to a page with TWO MORE Roger Barnett interviews.  Watch them or don’t… there’s lots more information at that site.  So you can learn about anything you want, from the products to the compensation plan (how it is possible to earn $100,000 in your first 15 months in Shaklee), etc.

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