What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

“Isn’t about what’s wrong with you, it’s about what’s happened with you”PTSD

It is a type of anxiety disorder. Any one or more traumatic event leads person to PTSD i.e. death of loves ones, sexual assault, any severe injury or fear of death. There are many symptoms such as hyperarousal, mumbling of memories, flashback or any resembling event. It may starts from more than a month from the traumatic event. PTSD is more common in female as compare to male. There are less chances of developing of PTSD in children, if they are under age of 10-years. It is a chronic disorder.

PTSD is more common is female, because resistance power of female is less than male. There are various events that can cause PTSD such as military combat, road accident, death of love ones, flashback of the any traumatic event which was occurred in the past. It starts after the 3-months of the traumatic event and may lasting for 6-months or continue, depend upon the nature of event and individuals will power. Males cope it in less time as compare to female, this is because of their more exposure to the real world. Women may take more time as compare to male, because of their less will power.

Rabia was much attached with her mother. Her mother age was 55-years. One day when she getup in morning she found her mother was laying on the floor. She called rescue team and his brother. Rescue team arrived and told that she got severe heart attack and she died. It was sudden and unbelievable for her to accept the reality. She tried her best to live normal life and accept the reality. But she was not able to divert her thoughts. As a result she diagnoses with acute stress disorder after 1-month of the mother’s death. And it will continue till 6-months of the event. She was not able to sleep, eat or concentrate of her studies. Even she is not able to forget her mother for long time. As she tries sleep, she saw her mother funeral and getup with fear and tears. She boycott the family get to gathers, her friends gathering and also the routine house work. She felt hopeless and think about suicidal thoughts. She was not able to pay attention to her hobbies which were the most pleasure moments of her life. She consulted with many psychiatrist and psychologist. She daily start visit to her psychologist. And she took 16-months (for the traumatic event) to come back to her life and behavior normally.

Family violence is one of the major causes of PTSD in child. Traumatic events actually not cause PTSD, its flashbacks, memories and nightmares that causes PTSD. Multiple studies shown that affected parents or violence in house develop the symptoms in child. And child with PTSD will ultimately carry symptoms in adulthood.

Men are more likely to experiences the traumatic events but the ration of PTSD is more the women. The studies show that 8% of male who experience traumatic event will have PTSD and 20% of female will experience the high impact that lead to PTSD. Military experience is another major cause. Study showed who are prepared for the traumatic events are less likely to have PTSD. Drug abuse and Alcohol abuse are co-occurring with PSTD. People start drugs for sleep and soon they are used to take high dose of drugs and alcohol.

Foster care is less likely available in every country and expensive too. The best treatment is self-esteem. A person needs to realize the irrational thoughts and replace thoughts. Family can play the vital role, they needs to take extra care person with PTSD and never leave them alone. Try to make them happy or talk about the things, by which he/she used to excite. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is effective tool. Therapist needs to change his/her thoughts by realizing them and motivating.

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