Vacation Relaxation


MotivationPeople normally spend their vacations in stress. They tried their best to finish all pending work, even try to grab upcoming important task before timelines, so they will have relax vacations. Once vacations started, their mind continuously clinking to check e-mails, they resist and worried about the burden of work on their return. At this moment they more think about life and even think about to start own business and get rid of same boring routine life. People reassess their existing assets and savings, try to make feasibility, discuss with friends and plan new start. But still checking e-mails on their mind! Finally they access their e-mail account on their return and shock to see hundreds of e-mails . . . but suddenly they realize that most of the e-mails are just for information and in most of the emails they were just copied even its not necessary. That touching moment when you think that no one bother that you were not there and all things were quite fine and as per routine. Feel worthless . . . but again same old routine starts and you back to normal.


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