Types of Psychology Degrees

Types of Psychology Degrees both undergraduate and graduate

With psychology becoming a more popular choice for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, a wide variety of types of psychology degree options are available. If you are looking to study psychology or develop a career path in psychology the first step is to find out what degree is right for you. The most common professional psychology degrees are at the master’s and doctoral level. But is that the right choice for you? Perhaps you are not sure if psychology is for you.

Should you start with an associate’s degree or jump right into a bachelor’s level psychology degree? The following summaries are available to help you understand what each degree level is and what that degree can offer you.Associates Degree in Psychology An associate’s degree is an entry level college degree that generally takes two years of full-time study to complete. This degree is comparable to taking the first two years of college. An associate’s degree in psychology requires 60 semester credit hours, which is approximately 20 college courses.

These courses are generally offered as a variety of general education requirements as well as specialty psychology classes. After completing an associate’s degree, most, if not all of your college credits can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program. Because an associate’s degree is half as long as a bachelor’s degree and costs half as much, this may be a good route for someone who is not sure about a career in psychology.Doctorate degree, psychology degrees, doctoral dissertation

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology A bachelor’s degree is a four year college degree that requires 120 semester credit hours. Depending on the credit value of your courses, it takes about 40 college classes to earn a bachelor’s degree. Like most degrees, bachelor’s degrees can be studied part time or full time. Generally, full time study for four years will earn you a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Typically, you will be required to take 10-15 classes within the field of psychology with the rest of the classes being general education requirements. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is necessary to apply for any graduate degree program.

Master’s degree in PsychologyA master’s degree is the first graduate level degree, generally taking two years of full-time study to complete. To apply for a master’s degree program in psychology, you must have a bachelor’s degree. This degree need not necessarily be in psychology, however, it is of great help when applying to graduate schools. To earn a master’s degree in psychology, you will generally need to complete 36 to 54 semester credit hours of study, which equals about 12-18 graduate level classes. A master’s degree can open up a great deal of career options in psychology, and can also be used as an in road for applying to a doctoral-level degree program.

Doctorate degree in Psychology A doctorate degree in psychology is the highest level of degree you can attain in psychology, and opens up the most career options. A doctoral degree is especially important if you want to go into a specialty field in psychology, such as child psychology, criminal psychology or clinical psychology.

A doctorate degree in psychology generally takes four years of study, although many people take more time than that to finish this intensive degree program. If you have already attained a master’s degree, some credits may transfer to a doctoral degree program, lessening the time it takes to finish the degree. A doctoral degree program requires about 90-120 semester credit hours, or 30-40 graduate level courses. In addition, psychology doctoral candidates are required to complete field experience and research and write a doctoral dissertation.

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