Top Psychology Schools

Top Psychology Schools that offer undergraduate and graduate psychology programs

There are hundreds of colleges and universities across the country and around the world that offer undergraduate and graduate psychology programs, but which are the best psychology schools? Psychology has recently risen to one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in the US. Psychology offers diverse career opportunities even at the undergraduate level. With all the interest in psychology as a major and future career path, there is a need to recognize what the best psychology programs are. Even more important to a prospective psychology student are the factors that make a school the right one for you.

Attending the country’s top psychology school is a great achievement, but if it is not a good fit for you as a student, you may not achieve the academic and career success you want. The following are factors to consider when researching and applying to a psychology program. Accreditation and respectability What is your degree worth? As more and more schools are opening psychology programs, one of the factors that you need to consider when picking a psychology school is the program’s worth.

Big name schools such as Stanford, Yale and Harvard carry with their degree a certain prestige. While graduating from a prestige school has certain benefits, it can also be a very costly, and often not financially feasible. The most important factor to consider is whether or not the school’s psychology program is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. This means that your degree will be recognized by employers and graduate programs as a quality psychology school, career opportunities, graduate psychology programs

Location Considering location when researching psychology colleges may seem frivolous. However, it may be important to you to be close to your home, or alternately, you may be more comfortable being far from home, depending on your life circumstances. Being aware of the location of the school, and whether you will have to move away or be able to commute can make all the difference in happiness, and therefore success, of your psychology program. Online or on CampusPerhaps leaving home or commuting to a college is not possible for you.

Recently there has been a great surge of accredited online psychology programs available. While researching the best psychology school for you this is something to keep in mind as a possibility. Graduation RateMost schools have graduation information available to interested students. It is important to know what percentage of students who enter a psychology program within that school actually graduate.

Although we are not privy to why a percentage of students do not finish, it is still good to take into consideration. After all, attending a school’s psychology program will not get you into a psychology career if you don’t graduate! Tuition Knowing your budget for college is very important. While researching all the other factors to find your best psychology school, it is important to recognize an upper tuition limit that fits your budget and career goals. There are many institutions that rank psychology schools. Comparing ranking with tuition is a smart step in determining your best psychology school.

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