Top 3 Psychology Careers

Top 3 Psychology Careers for 2011 Psychologist

The Psychologist and Working with Post Traumatic Stress DisorderSecrets to Writing Your Psychology Papers »If you’ve looked into the different career paths available in psychology, you’ve no doubt noticed that deciding on the specialized field you are interested in pursuing before getting too far in your college training is wise.

Psychology includes several branches and a wide range of specialized fields in each branch. Due to the recent turn in the economy, some specialized fields have remained strong, while others have experienced some trimming down of the field as a whole. Choosing a career path in a field of psychology that is currently strong is a good idea, since the chances are excellent that the same specialized field will only increase as the economy strengthens.Selecting a Field of Psychology in High Demand.

While salaries for the following fields may vary, we chose the top 3 psychology careers for 2011 based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports of fields that are growing at a faster than average rate with a healthy continued job outlook.Top 3 Psychology Careers for 2011 Career Counselor – Ironically, when the economy took a downward path, leaving many seeking new career options, the position of career counselor became a high demand position.psychological disorders, Average Salary, Psychology Careers

As a career counselor, you will help individuals discover new possibilities for employment by evaluating present skills, interests, and level of education. Often a career counselor can help individuals to see strengths and traits that they did not previously recognize on their own and possibly take a look at new career options.

Career counselors may also help build confidence, assist with interpersonal relationships, help with speaking skills by practicing interviews, and even help to locate job leads. Career counselors can help their clients overcome the stress connected to the loss of their previous job and learn how to move on to new goals.

Average salary: $45,000 / Potential Stress Level: Medium Genetics Counselor – A genetics counselor works with patients who need counseling and support for any medical condition they may have inherited from their biological parents. Depending on the illness, the genetics counselor may be involved in helping the patient to understand the gravity of the condition, inform the patient how the condition may or may not progress, talk about care options, and help the patient and the patient’s family to deal with the condition.

Average salary: $70,000 / Potential Stress Level: Medium to High Clinical Psychologist – Clinical psychologists are responsible for diagnosing, assessing, and treating patients who are dealing with psychological disorders of all kinds, such as manic depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and others. Clinical psychologists may work individually or in groups with clients in a private practice office setting, hospitals, or mental health facilities. Clinical psychologists may also work with patients with drug or alcohol addictions, food addictions, and other psychological disorders.

Clinical psychologists hold the largest portion of jobs within the field of psychology and is expected to continue to grow at a faster than average rate.

Average Salary: $60,000 / Potential Stress Level: Medium
There are many options available as you plan out your future. Regardless of which specialized field you choose in psychology, you are about to embark on a rewarding career that will have a positive effect on the lives you touch.

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