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In every step of life priorities keep changing. Sometime the most important thing is life is love, sometime money, family parents and so on . . . Peoples spend their life for others and forget to live. They even don’t know when they grew up and lost their self in responsibilities. Travel doesn’t require money, it’s a game of courage. If you have courage you can manage. Either you are in business or job you should spare time and go for vacations with friends or family. Vacation memories are the most beautiful and energy-booster. When you are down and just start looking old pictures, you go back in past and enjoy the happy moments of trip. For a while you forget all your tensions and just feel better. Money can be earned anytime but memories can’t. Every stage of life has its own comfort levels, if you are thinking to make money first and then enjoy the life . . . this is totally wrong. You are missing the best time of your life. Take Vacations!

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