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Take Vacations

In every step of life priorities keep changing. Sometime the most important thing is life is love, sometime money, family parents and so on . . . Peoples spend their… Read more »

motivation, life, quatation

Every Child . . .

Yes! Every child has some God gifted quality. We just need to judge the ability of child and allow them to follow their interest. When you force them in other… Read more »

Motivation, Life, Quatation

Don’t Hide

Express your feelings and never hide yourself because of unnecessary fear of rejection. Every human is unique and have different abilities. Break your own false thoughts!

Motivation, Life, Quatation

Open Heart

At least we must be honest to ourselves. Person who lies to his heart, obvious leads to depression. We must know what we actually want despite of its probability.

Motivation, Life, Quatation

Silent Care

Person who loves you will always irritate you but on the other hand take extra care of yourself. They never try to show you or other people that they care… Read more »

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Avoid Food Wastage

Please don’t waste food. Many people even not able to get the food for survival. Save resources for our future generation.

Motivation, Life, Quatation

Don’t Be Irreplaceable

If you are irreplaceable you will not promoted. Always work for the development of team. Otherwise unavailability of your replacement will stuck your career.

Past Define Nothing

You are what . . . You Are! Past doesn’t define you. It only meant to guide you and give right direction. Don’t be down by your past mistakes. Take… Read more »

Motivation, Life, Quatation

Stop & Start

It’s time to stop wishing and take a start . . . Just dreaming cannot do anything, you need to take a start. Start Now . . . !!!

Motivation, Life, Quatation

Watch Me!

Confidence and commitment matters! With the believe in yourself, you can do and win everything. S0, I Can and I Will . . . Just Watch Me!