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Become a Licensed Internet Counselor

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Can You Become a Licensed Internet Counselor or Online Psychologist?   Everyone these days uses the internet. According to statistics, average time online passed television viewing a while ago. We have become an internet accessed world. Many use social networking sites to make new friends and communicate with old ones. Some use online dating sites to find their soul mate. …

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Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Need to be Balanced

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Work or personal life don’t even need to be equal to be balanced The underlying assumption in most work-life balance articles is that work is bad, life is everything else.  For years psychologists, coaches and gurus have used the pie chart diagram to explain how our lives can be divided into work, family, interests, spirituality etc. It was helpful to …

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Your Cinema Seat Linked to Your Personality?

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How Your Cinema Seat is Directly Linked to Your Personality? A few days ago several online news outlets and blogs (e.g. here and here) reported that where we choose to sit in a cinema “could actually define [our] personality.” The sentence ends with my favorite phrase (tumblr needs a sarcasm font): “psychologists say.” And by psychologists they mean one psychologist: Japanese …

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