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Always Look Forward

Always look forward. Past has nothing new, but must learn from past experiences. You can’t drive a car with back mirror!

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Clear Your Mind!

There is always a way . . . Remove Can’t from your life. Must have can do attitude. “Be Positive Have Positive”

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Open Mind

Nick Vujicic

Faith . . . !

  God won’t allow anything happen in your life if it’s not for your good – Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Books by Nick Vujicic

Nick was born in Dec 04, 1982 with the rear disorder called Tetra-Amelia syndrome (characterized by absence of all four limbs). He really works hard emotionally, mentally as well as… Read more »

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I Am Facebook User

Facebook is as important as food! If not able to access the account, it feels like life is empty. Facebook users are crazy, they can’t have time for family, friends… Read more »

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Spreading Hope – Nick Vujicic

No arm to wrap your love ones, not able to feel the touch through fingers, not able to carry or hold things. Or think if you don’t have legs? Not… Read more »

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Get Yourself Free . . .

People often memorize their own thoughts and stick on it, without analyzing either they are right or wrong. After that they are unable to think out of the box. They… Read more »