Psychology Specialized Fields: School Psychologist

Psychology Specialized Fields: School Psychologist to help students succeed


The school psychologist not only helps students deal with future career planning and academic stressors, but also works with students to strengthen their emotional connections at school, home, and the community.Does this sound like a niche of psychology that you’d be interested in? If working with youth on largely a one-on-one basis and dealing with all of the ups and downs that involve adolescence sound like something you’d be interested in, keep reading. In this article, we are going to outline the exact duties of a school psychologist to help you better decide if this is the career path for you.What are the Duties of a School Psychologist?

The duties of the school psychologist include:

Providing instruction, counseling and positive influence for students who are at risk, or struggle with behavioral and emotional problems. These students may display their need for assessment and direction through behavior or poor grades. A dedicated counselor will recognize these potential situations and work toward assisting the student.academic stressors, helping students, school psychologist

Serve to increase student success by recognizing learning problems and barriers, as well as developing individual strategies to improve the learning potential of the student.Keeping open lines of communication with the student body and being available to them.Assisting students with problem solving techniques, self management, anger issues, and social interaction.Raise awareness on pertinent topics to the student body, such as bullying, and come up with a plan of action.

Who Do School Psychologists Work With?

In addition to the student body, the school psychologist works with the families, on an “as needed” basis to identify lifestyle patterns or home environment that need to be addressed.The psychologist may also, at times, be in the position to counsel with family members about the need for further counseling, special education, or other resources needed to promote an atmosphere most conducive to learning.

School psychologists also work with teachers to assess and identify possible learning barriers in the classroom that may be a direct result of certain students or the teacher. The psychologist works constantly toward solutions that promote a healthy learning environment for all parties involved.

At times, the psychologist will work directly with school administrators in order to analyze data in order to achieve higher levels of student success. Administrators are also involved with the school psychologist to implement school-wide programs geared toward mental and emotional health.Making a Difference as a School Psychologist

School psychologists are often the defining factor in a student’s life that help them through a crossroad. This is a huge, but very rewarding responsibility. As a school psychologist, you may help students who:

  • Are bullied and feel afraid at school
  • Have trouble studying or organizing their time
  • Have fallen behind in their class work
  • Have problems at home and are acting out at school
  • Are dealing with depression or have thoughts of suicide
  • Are experimenting with self destructive behavior

These are only a few of the issues you will be helping students with as a school psychologist. If this seems like a niche that is right for you, this may be your first step to an exciting and satisfying career as a school psychologist.

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