Psychology for Achievement

Psychology for Achievement in any Field

Tony Robbins says that to become successful you have to develop the psychology for achievement.  Let’s explore what that means, because it would be easy to miss some of these important lessons if you just watched it one time.Tony says that he’s not teaching about having a positive attitude, and that he doesn’t believe in positive thinking, per sec.  Positive thinking and positive attitude can mean that you are ignoring problems (not a useful thing to do) and deluding yourself.

We’ll see in a minute, though, that he does prefer positive emotions and empowering beliefs.
Here’s his simple formula of success.  To have an extraordinary life:

  • See it as it is (not worse than it is)
  • See it better than it is (how you want it to be)

Make it that way.“To do that you have to manage your psychology, your emotions, the feeling you feel on a consistent basis.” This is the reason we’re considering this video!  You set goals, you make plans for their accomplishment, but then you need the right mindset to get yourself to carry out those plans.  You need the psychology for achievement.Limiting beliefs, Incantations, Train yourself to feel good emotions
Here are three basic pieces to understand:

1. Limiting beliefs

Most have been conditioned to be average.  Part of the entrepreneur’s journey, according to Robert Kiyoskai, is to adopt the beliefs and values of the B&I side of the quadrant and drop the beliefs and values of the E&S side.  If you haven’t read his books, I mean:  stop thinking like an employee and to start thinking like a business owner.Therefore, let’s learn how to get rid of the limiting beliefs that keeps you from being able to live your life at the fullest level.

2. Incantations

feel certain… believe it What is a belief, how are the formed and how can they be changed?  We create beliefs by incanting a thought over and over with a lot of emotion.  Tony uses the word “incant” in this sense:  repeating positive thoughts over and over (affirmations) is not as powerful, obviously, as repeating them over and over while feeling intense emotions. So an incantation (think of a witch’s spell) is something that you repeat over and over again with emotion… so that you start to feel certain about it.When you feel certain about something, we call that a belief.

3. Train yourself to feel good emotions

to install empowering beliefs .We all have limiting beliefs, even some that we’re consciously aware of, but emotionally they still control us and limit us.  These must be handled!Examples:

  • I’m afraid to get my hopes up
  • I’m afraid to try because I might fail
  • I’m afraid to do something might look bad
  • I’m afraid to believe in something and what if it doesn’t work?
  • Or what if I look naive?

You’ve got to train yourself to feel good.  Throughout your day remind yourself to experience positive emotions, like a little kid.  While you’re feeling good, repeat thoughts that will empower you, including thought about your goals.  Now double the intensity of the emotion, and think those thoughts some more.

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