Psychology Careers Determining Your Field

Psychology Careers Determining Your Field according to your Education

If you are considering a career in the area of psychology, you have plenty of options to choose from. Psychology is an extremely diverse occupation with a wide range of specialties. Of course, when many of us think of the traditional psychologist, we may envision a therapist working with a particular client in an office setting. In reality, the opportunities for psychologists are much broader.

We can’t cover them all in this one article, but we can provide you with an idea of some of the specialized fields that are available for those interested in a psychology career. By doing so, we hope you’ll take the information to the next level and find out where your personal interests lie.Areas of Specialty for Psychology Careers Clinical Psychologists: The clinical psychologist is the single largest specialized area of the field. This type of psychologist generally works in mental health centers, hospitals, or group or private practices.

The sub-specialty opportunities for a clinical psychologist are too numerous to list since this type of psychologist can specialize in any number of psychological disorders, mental illnesses, or age groups. The clinical psychologist can work with individuals, couples, families, or groups dealing with personal problems or even substance abuse.Counseling Psychologists: Counseling psychologists are responsible for many of the same tasks of a clinical psychologist, but tend to work with individuals, couples, families, or groups dealing with less severe forms of mental distress or illness.

Counseling psychologists may deal with stress disorders, childhood trauma, marital difficulties, or other interpersonal functioning. Counseling psychologists may also specialize in such things as sex therapy, premarital counseling, family situations, sleep disorders, and divorce counseling.Forensic Psychologists: The forensic psychologist deals specifically with psychology as it pertains to and intersects with the law.Forensic psychologists , legal lawsuits, custody battles

Forensic psychologists

Forensic psychologists are often involved in legal lawsuits, insurance claims, custody battles, investigations of child abuse, and child custody evaluations. This is probably one of the most stressful types of psychologists, since conducting evaluations and assessments in child abuse cases can be mentally and emotionally draining.Human Factors Psychologists: This specialized field of psychology focuses on topics such as workplace safety, product design, human error and capability, and human to computer interactions.

Who would use this type of psychologist and in what capacity? Human factors psychologists are involved things such as creating positive work environments that promote productivity. They also assist with assessing workplace safety issues and creating an environment that reduces the risk of accidents and human error.Industrial Psychologists: This type of psychologist is closely related to the Human Factors Psychologist, in that they are work environment related.

The industrial psychologist assesses and attempts to improve employee or employer relations, helps employers promote the best employees and to make the workplace a better environment for all.School Psychologists: This specialized psychologist works within the educational sector, assisting with the emotional, social, and academic issues of students. The school psychologist deals with behavioral issues, assesses academic difficulties and works to promote a healthy learning environment that will best serve the students.

Occasionally, the school psychologist may have to deal with family issues, crisis situations, and substance abuse among students.Social Psychologists: The job of a social psychologist is to understand and assess how peoples actions and interactions impact each other, impact individuals, or impact groups. Where are these types of psychologists used? They generally are involved in market research and industry management.Research Psychologists: This type of psychologist specializes in the behavior of people as well as animals. They are often employed with private research centers, government agencies, and universities.

These are some of the specialized fields that are available when looking at psychology careers. In future articles we will look at each one individually, along with the training requirements and employment opportunities for each.

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