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Program your Mind with Subliminal Audio

If it was possible to program your mind, to just install better mental software, then wouldn’t it make sense to learn how?

Well, it is possible, and it’s really simple.  This video teaches you how — but let me warn you, you might not believe that something so basic could work.  So keep an open mind, watch the video, and then try it.
I have never heard Anthony Galie speak before, but I found a YouTube video of him that teaches a very important technique.

It has to do with programming your mind for success.He starts out by saying that really successful people do not just write down their goals once a year. They keep them in the forefront of their minds. Then he teaches a technique for keeping your goals at the top of your awareness that I really like (because it’s similar to what I taught you in my Mental Software post).

Have I got you curious about what the technique is?  I’ll let you watch the video now, then I’ll discuss it below.Review your goals often Really successful people do not treat their goals like most people treat their New Year’s resolutions.  They often set goals 2 or 3 times a year and they review their goals and plans and work on their goal on a regular basis.

Some people re-write their goals, by hand, a few times a week.  This keeps them on track and motivates them to keep making progress.Maybe a better idea would be to…Make a CD of yourself reading your goals to program your mind.You only have to record it once.Use a tape or CD (or make it on your computer).  (I’m not aware the Windows media player will allow you to record your voice from a microphone, as he says in the video.  Instead use Audacity, which is free.)Anthony Gaile, Mental Software, Subliminal Audio

Burn it as a .wav file on a CD and listen to it in your car, once a day.  Or of course save it as an MP3 and load it onto your iPod or other MP3 player.This way you’ll be hearing your goals every day in your own voice.  This only needs to take 5 minutes while you’re driving.

Notice that he says that you play it for 5 minutes in the background.  He doesn’t say that you have to memorize your goals, or your other positive messages.  He doesn’t say that you have to pay close attention as you listen.  He doesn’t say that you even need to repeat your goals/messages out loud.
That’s because this technique is a form of subliminal messaging.  All you need to do is play it repeatedly, and that will drive the thoughts into your subconscious.  And it’s your subconscious beliefs that control most of your behavior anyway.Examples of positive thoughts you might want to embed into your consciousness

What your production numbers are… how many new brokers you want to generate… how you always ask for referrals.I always ask for referrals… Asking for referrals is the smart thing to do… Asking these brokers for referrals is helping me reach my goals in business… referrals are a fee for service rendered.I enjoy working on the phone… I make at least 10 prospecting calls every day… When I sit down at my desk, the first thing I see is the telephone… I enjoy connecting with people over the phone.

Listening to these recordings every day will “drill that message subconsciously into the back of your brain.”Be sure to check out my related post on Mental Software. I do something really similar to what Anthony Gaile taught:  I record inspiring quotes from books and listen to them every morning on my computer.

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