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Types of Psychology

Types of Psychology for good Understanding Most people believe that they have a good understanding of what psychology is, as well as the different types of psychology. Afterall, we all… Read more »

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Types of Psychology Degrees

Types of Psychology Degrees both undergraduate and graduate With psychology becoming a more popular choice for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, a wide variety of types of psychology degree options… Read more »

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Top Psychology Schools

Top Psychology Schools that offer undergraduate and graduate psychology programs There are hundreds of colleges and universities across the country and around the world that offer undergraduate and graduate psychology programs,… Read more »

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Top 3 Myths About Earning

Top 3 Myths About Earning Your Psychology Degree   Psychology Degree Myths Online Psychology Degrees Don’t Provide You With The Right Information For Your Career- Okay, let me explain that… Read more »

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Forensic Psychology salaries 

Forensic Psychology & Criminal Psychology Salaries It’s difficult to click through television stations without seeing a myriad of shows about criminal investigation, but have they ever made you think about… Read more »

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How to become a Counsellor

How to become a Counsellor through High Degree Perhaps you are a high school student that is interested in pursuing a psychology degree. Or perhaps you are in college struggling… Read more »

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How to become a Psychiatrist

How to become a Psychiatrist which requires a serious commitment Becoming a psychiatrist requires a serious commitment to helping people as well as the education required to get there. Unlike Clinical… Read more »

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The Psychologist and Working with Post

The Psychologist and Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Psychology Specialized Fields: The Research Psychologist Top 3 Psychology Careers for 2011 »Post traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is… Read more »

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How to Become an Addiction

How to Become an Addiction or Substance Abuse Counselor   Addictions and substance abuse seem to have taken over today’s society. Alcohol alone claims thousands of lives each year, both… Read more »

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Becoming a Group Therapist

Psychology Career Options Becoming a Group Therapist   Of the many career opportunities you will have as a qualified psychologist, one of the options available to the private practitioner is… Read more »