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Become a Licensed Internet Counselor

Can You Become a Licensed Internet Counselor or Online Psychologist?   Everyone these days uses the internet. According to statistics, average time online passed television viewing a while ago. We… Read more »

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How to Stop Ruminating Negative thoughts

A simple yet powerful technique to turn your life around Did you ever notice when you’re under stress or lack of sleep that it’s really easy to start thinking one… Read more »

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To Change Behavior, Change Attitudes

To Change your Behavior, First Change your Attitudes   If you want to change your behavior, you may want to first take a look at your beliefs.  Changing your attitudes… Read more »

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Program your Mind

Program your Mind with Subliminal Audio If it was possible to program your mind, to just install better mental software, then wouldn’t it make sense to learn how? Well, it… Read more »

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Psychology for Achievement

Psychology for Achievement in any Field Tony Robbins says that to become successful you have to develop the psychology for achievement.  Let’s explore what that means, because it would be… Read more »

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Transformational Vocabulary

Transformational Vocabulary – Watch the Words You Use Transformational Vocabulary is a way for you to control how you experience the events of your life.  The words we use to… Read more »

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Who Are Your Mentors?

Who Are Your Mentors? Do You Know Them? In Part 2 Roger talks more about Shaklee’s history, about brand reinvention an about social networking – using Internet marketing to grow… Read more »

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Work With Me

Work With Me is a Good Way In choosing a business opportunity I kept three things in mind:1. Leverage, unlimited potential As I have said in my article about leverage,… Read more »

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Looking for motivation to workout?

Looking for motivation to workout? Try one of these… Knowing why you work out, is an important step in fostering your motivation to continue to workout. If you’re like the average… Read more »

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High School and College Athletes

High School and College Athletes:Here’s your chance to get some mental skills training Consulting with Chelsie Hightower at the premiere of Dancing With the Stars For those of you that tuned… Read more »