Looking for motivation to workout?

Looking for motivation to workout? Try one of these…

Knowing why you work out, is an important step in fostering your motivation to continue to workout. If you’re like the average person, motivation to workout comes in waves; Sometimes you are highly motivated to hit the gym, which is followed by days, weeks, or even months of zero desire to attain physical prowess.  Here are some general reasons for why we workout and some examples from our visitors:You workout to gain a reward and/or to avoid punishment

Amber Neuman shared that the intensity of her motivation is enhanced “when [she has] a crush on someone.” Cassidy Cook spoke for many of us when she said that her motivation is,”the ice cream that’s in [her] freezer!”  This may not be the case for these two, however, if you find yourself motivated by a reward or a punishment you may notice that your motivation to workout and push your hardest may be short lived.

What tends to happen is that your motivation will empower you for a little while only to have it fade away after that cute guy or that ice cream flavor just isn’t doing it anymore.You workout to demonstrate ability to maintain self worth.This is a common motivator amongst those who enjoy competing against others or against your self. Jacob Chung shared with us that he is motivated to workout when he is,”watching UFC & ironman type shows…[and] seeing huge guys at the gym.”

Along these same lines, notice what Andres Lattanzio said his reason for working out is,”knowing that i will become a better athlete (in my case) and wanting to be better than the other person.” Both Jacob and Andres aren’t afraid of a little competition, actually, they are motivated by it. For some, seeing others who are bigger, stronger, or faster than themselves may decrease their motivation, Jacob and Andres on the other hand see that as motivation to work harder.

We had a comment from an anonymous visitor who said,”results and improvement are my key motivators. I have found that when I realize improvement and see myself getting more toned I tend to be more driven to continue my workouts.” This individual is about self improvement. He/she doesn’t need to see someone else who may be more physically competent, they thrive on outdoing themselves.You work out because it is important to you. You are willing to do it because it will lead you to something you value as very importantIntrinsic Motivation, like to work, rejuvenating
For many, just thinking about your family or your health is motivation enough to get you to they gym. For example, Lee Jones, “wants to grow REALLY old together” with his wife Kristin, and I’m sure he’s willing to hit the gym as often as possible to do his part to make that happen. Sandi Wilson and Sahara Castillo also mentioned their health as being reasons they work out. Sahara said,”the feeling of being healthy and strong…also for me, it’s a mental thing too the more healthy my body is the more healthy my mind is”.

Janna Nielsen wrote an interesting reason in which she values highly,”the biggest thing that motivates me to work out is the hour and a half of free babysitting I get from Gold’s Gym. Time away from the kiddos and an energy boost for me; it’s a win win!” Working out for Janna, is a much needed rest from the rigors of motherhood. Working out for her is relaxing, rejuvenating, and an “energy boost” at the same time. I’m sure her time at the gym makes her a better Mommy when she’s done.Although you have extrinsic motivators, you work out because it is a part of who you are.

This may any one of those who shared their answers. If working out is something you don’t have to think about doing anymore, chances are you are in this category. For some, going to the gym is just part of their weekly or even daily routine. For these people, going to they gym is almost on auto-pilot. Physical fitness is important to you because it is a part of who you are. This is a strong motivator because you are in control. Although you may go for extrinsic purposes, i.e. to gain muscle, for health, to look good, etc., it has developed into a habit that you are grateful to have.You workout for no other reason than you enjoy it (Intrinsic Motivation).

There are a few out there who workout just because they enjoy it (and for no other reason). They don’t do it for the looks, they don’t do it for health purposes necessarily, nor do they do it to receive a reward. People whom are intrinsically motivated go to the gym because they like going to the gym. For some, they workout for those moments of being completely absorbed in the task at hand, Sandi Wilson explained it well when she wrote,”the high I get from the adrenaline.” That “high” Sandi wrote about can also be described as experiencing flow, or in other words, those moments where you are so focused in working out that you are “in-the-zone”.

Regardless of what your motivation is to workout, the key is to move away from external motivators as much as you can to where you begin working out for no other reason than it’s enjoyable.The more intrinsically motivated you are, the more sense of control you have over your actions, and thus, the more pleasurable and sustaining your motivation will be.Categories

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