How to Resolve Conflict

ConflictConflict can be anywhere where we find ourselves interacting with others; it may be workplace, school, home or any other place. Conflict occurred when a person wants to achieve goal and not able to do so. For example, a student wants to get first position in class and he struggles a lot, spend day and night in studies, but he can’t achieve first position in class and this situation become conflict to achieve his goal.

Conflict is a normal part of our lives. But the thing is how to control conflict and how to deals with others. People can’t agree on everything you said all the time. When we can’t deal with our conflicts then conflict mismanaged, it can cause great harm to a relationship and some time it become cause for separation. But when we handle in a respectful manner and in a positive way, conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people. By using skills for handing of conflict resolution, you can keep your personal and professional relationships strong.

Goal Conflict

There are three types of situation normally everyone faced. These are known as Goal Conflict. Goal Conflict can be understand by these three situations

  • Approach – Approach Conflict
  • Avoidance – Avoidance Conflict
  • Approach – Avoidance Conflict

Approach – Approach Conflict

There are two or more goals and individual want to achieve at same time. Individual cannot decide the situation because it’s very difficult to choose between the options i.e. individual want to be a doctor, but also love machines. But at times have to choose one of them either Doctor or Engineer.

Avoidance – Avoidance Conflict

Person have two options, both are disliked. So it’s easy to avoid both, but bound to choose one. So person can choose one amongst both dislikes.

Approach – Avoidance Conflict

Having two situations, in which person needs to adopt one thing and ignore other thing. The options contains both positive and negative characteristic i.e. having throat problem, want relief from pain but same time trying to avoid doctor advice of operation.

Role conflict

Role conflict related to term norms. Everyone have their own role in society such as daughter, brother, child, son, teenager, parents, spouse and grandparents. It is related to our situation experiences. We are all doing different jobs in society all have different duties and relationship for others.

Interpersonal conflict

Everyone has different background, different upbringing, traditions and family norms. Because no one has the same circumstances, values, education, these differences can be major source of conflicts. Environmental factors play very important role in interpersonal conflict. If you have a stress situation automatically your attitude becomes strict and irritable for others. Other factors also play vital role in interpersonal conflict i.e.

  • Personal differences
  • Communication breakdown
  • Role incompatibility
  • Environmental stress


Inter group conflict

While working in as team, individual face lot of problems such as fund budget, supplies, information deficiency and personnel issues (liking/disliking). These factors also include in intergroup conflict

  • Status struggle
  • Competition for resources
  • Task interdependence
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