High School and College Athletes

High School and College Athletes:Here’s your chance to get some mental skills training

Consulting with Chelsie Hightower at the premiere of Dancing With the Stars For those of you that tuned in last night you heard Coach Rick Carlisle of the Dallas Mavericks say a few words about the importance of sport psychology after his team won the NBA Finals. He said of his team’s mental game coach, “[he] has been a phenomenal resource not only for me but for my players”.

The field of Sport Psychology is becoming more and more popular, athletes are not only training harder but smarter, and incorporating mental skills is one of the things elite teams and athletes are adding to their training regimen.With sports growing at an incredible pace, competition seems to get better and better at all levels.

Having a sport psychology consultant is something that many athletes have benefited from, however there are a number of reasons people choose not to use one:They don’t know there is such a thing- It’s interesting to see people ask me what I do for a living and when I say that “I’m a Sport Psychology Consultant”, they follow up with, “I didn’t know that even existed!”They don’t have the resources- Generally speaking, Olympic, professional, and other elite athletes use sport psychology consultants because they have the funds to do so; as you read on I will show you how it can be affordable to you!

They think only a “head case” works with a Sport Psychology Consultant- All of the athletes I work with are at the upper echelon of their playing level. They are so committed to enhancing performance that they refuse to neglect the mental component as well.

With the money professional athletes make, they are always the beneficiaries of the highest quality training programs. A lot of university athletes and high-school athletes would also benefit from a sport psychology consultant if only they had the opportunity…Well here’s your chance.Sport Psychology, mental skills training, Performance tips

For the rest of the month of June only, I am giving all HIGH-SCHOOL and COLLEGE athletes $200 off to work with me for ONE MONTH (4 sessions). In this month I will train you in the exact same fashion I train the players I work with from the NFL, dancers from Dancing With the Stars, and Olympians; I will be your mental coach. You might be thinking, “Why high-school and college athletes?”, the reason is because it’s summer. During the Summer, these young athletes tend to have a lot of time on their hands, and when better way to spend some of that time than to develop some mental muscle in preparation for their upcoming season.

In our four consultation sessions you will learn:

  • How to let go of past mistakes
  • How to develop confidence
  • Your keys to performing at the highest level
  • How to be successful under pressure
  • How to deal with things that are outside of your control
  • How to put yourself in a position to experience being in “the-zone” more often

Here’s are some experiences I’ve had with the athletes (and parents) I’ve worked with:

Two of my athletes had successful performances at their NFL pro day, one sent me the following text referring to that high pressure experience, “the mental aspect was just as important to me as the physical part. Still felt the adrenaline but I felt in control of it! Thanks for all the help!!“

I’m currently training a high-school tennis player who has also asked that I help her apply these principles to her life outside of tennis. After our third training session I got a text from her mom that read, “I just need you to know that you are one of the best things that happened in [my daughter’s] life…She is so positive after she meets with you. I can’t believe the change in just one hour! Thank you!“

Another individual I’m training happens to be an outstanding young athlete who has the physical talent to thrive, however, their lack of confidence and posture has been hindering their performance. After our third session together this athlete’s parent emailed me, “You’re a miracle worker.  [My child] has been doing awesome.  This is a big hurdle and I can’t believe the improvement in such a short time.“

I had the wonderful opportunity to give a series of peak performance lectures to the development team of Provo Craft. I spoke on motivation, communication, focus, and how to think like a champion. After the series of presentations one member of the audience shared with me, “The principles you shared have been on my mind the past few weeks. Thank you for not only helping me achieve peak performance at work, but also in my life.“


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