How Depression Causes Your Daily Life

When you are feeling sad and lose the interest in daily activities or the activities you willing to do.  .  .feel hopeless, empty, lonely, hurt, restless . . . means you are affected with Depression.

Depression is the state of antipathy and low mood. Which affect the decision-making and change the behavior of the person. You are not able to think rational or take right decision. People feel sad and guilty. People may not able to sleep, eat or think. They feel pain, loss of energy or digestive problem may also occur. These are all the symptoms or can say the side-effects of Depression.


They may be several reasons that causes depression i.e. Lifestyle, Medical treatment or Life event are the reasons. Depression leads to physical and cognitive problems. People can’t carry their day-to-day activities and feeling worthless.

No body sure that how many peoples are affected by depression, but in the current world situation is worse.  Every person is somehow affected with the depression. It may be due to professional life or personal. It may be any life event i.e. death of some love ones or betrayed by someone. This is the reality of today’s life that we are even not sure or can’t guarantee even our fast friends. Such situations create the depression.

Types of Depression

Major Depression

Undermine the ability of eat, work, sleep, study and enjoy daily activities. Combination of these symptoms, are due to Major Depression. It may reoccur or end after one episode.


People affected with dysthymia are not able to function normally. Dysthymia patient suffer for a long time, a couple of years or may be prolong. Depend on the event and its importance to each individual.

Psychotic Depression

Reality withdrawal, hallucination or delusion is the symptoms of Psychotic depression or Delusional Depression.

Seasonal Affected Depression (SAD)

It is the most common depression type. At the start of winter people worried about sunlight and less time in day. In summer people worried about heat and long day. SAD begins and ends with the change in the season.

Manic Depressive Disorder

A patient experiences the moments of extreme happiness and extreme sadness. These excesses are known as Mania. It is also known as Bipolar-Disorder. It is not the common type.

Symptoms and Signs of Depression

These are not uniform. It’s not necessary that same symptoms can observed by other person. It varies from person to person. But the most common signs are:

  •           Feeling lonely, empty, sadness and worthless
  •           “Glass is half empty” general negative feelings
  •           Hopeless and useless
  •           Restless
  •           Irritate even by the things he/she used to
  •           Lose in hobbies or daily routine
  •           Lose interest I sex
  •           Fatigues
  •           Disturbance in sleep pattern. Become insomniac
  •           Too much eating/ less eating. Change in eating pattern
  •           Suicidal thoughts
  •           Digestive and Aches problems

Some Real Life Examples of Depression

Personal Life Most affected peoples are those who have bad experiences of relations with spouse or with boyfriend or girlfriend. Let’s take the example of married person. If anyone of spouse is involved in extra activities and not able to give proper time to home, his / her partner will leads to depression. There may be work load or even doing something for his / her family but other partner may not able to understand and goes in the state of depression.

Professional Life Salaried persons are the one of most affected by depression. The worry of job security is the main cause. Subordinated is promoted and become his boss . . . another good example. Prices of daily life commodities are increased but salary is not increased. Increase in expenses specially married guys but the source of income is same. These are the some general issues which creates the depression.

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