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Nick Vujicic

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Nick was born in Dec 04, 1982 with the rear disorder called Tetra-Amelia syndrome (characterized by absence of all four limbs). He really works hard emotionally, mentally as well as… Read more »


How to Resolve Conflict

Conflict can be anywhere where we find ourselves interacting with others; it may be workplace, school, home or any other place. Conflict occurred when a person wants to achieve goal… Read more »

Motivation, Nick Vujicic

Spreading Hope – Nick Vujicic

No arm to wrap your love ones, not able to feel the touch through fingers, not able to carry or hold things. Or think if you don’t have legs? Not… Read more »

Depression, Disorders

Warning Signs of Depression

Depression is an illness, varies from person to person. When person have depressed feelings they lose their interest in all activities, feeling down, grief, worthless, losing a job, lose close relationship… Read more »

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How Depression Causes Your Daily Life

When you are feeling sad and lose the interest in daily activities or the activities you willing to do.  .  .feel hopeless, empty, lonely, hurt, restless . . . means… Read more »