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Nick VujicicNick was born in Dec 04, 1982 with the rear disorder called Tetra-Amelia syndrome (characterized by absence of all four limbs). He really works hard emotionally, mentally as well as psychically in the childhood. At the age of seventeen he started his own non-profit organization ‘Life Without Limbs’. Nick started his journey and become world-class motivational speaker. His objective is spreading hope, love and finding meaning of life. He also shared his believes that God willing choice hearts to do this work and God is big enough to overcome all disabilities.

“God won’t allow anything happen in your life if it’s not for your good”


 Nick Vujicic Book’s

–          Life Without Limbs

–          Unstoppable – The Incredible Power  of Faith in Action

–          Limitless – Devotions for a Ridiculously Goof Life

–          Nick Vujicic’s Lessons for Success: How To Live Beyond Arms and Legs

–          Give Me A Hug – 8 Life Lessons From Nick Your Kids Cannot Miss

–          Keys to Living a Life Without Limits

–          What Makes a Great Leader?

–          A Bully’s Dream – How I Overcome and How You Can Too!

–          Attitude is Everything – The Story of an Extraordinary Life

–          The Power of Unstoppable Faith –  Your Keys to a Fulfilled Life


Nick Vujicic  Nick VujicicNick Vujicic  Nick Vujicic

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