Become a Licensed Internet Counselor

Can You Become a Licensed Internet Counselor or Online Psychologist?


Everyone these days uses the internet. According to statistics, average time online passed television viewing a while ago. We have become an internet accessed world. Many use social networking sites to make new friends and communicate with old ones. Some use online dating sites to find their soul mate. (No plug for e Harmony intended) Is it any wonder that the development of the online psychologist has taken off as well?

With the right training, you can easily become an internet counselor or online psychologist and help clients all around the world.Training, Requirements, and Licensing for the Online Psychologist
There are many sites online that hire psychologists willing to work via the internet, or, if you are interested, you can develop your own client base and enjoy the benefits of an independent online psychologist career.

No matter what type of employment you are searching for, though, there are certain requirements that must be met before you can begin practicing psychology online.Online Psychologist Education- Working online does not mean that you can forego your education. Most websites that offer counseling services require their psychologists to have at least a master’s degree in psychology or a related field.

Others may require a doctorate degree.Online Psychologist Licensing- While you may be working with clients all around the world, you must be licensed within your own state before you can begin practicing as an online psychologist. Some issues may occur when you are counseling individuals from other states, so be sure to contact the Board of Psychology in your specific state to ensure that you are properly licensed and following the law.Licensed Internet, Psychologist, Harmony intended

Online Psychologist Requirements- Counseling over the internet requires a certain amount of knowledge about computers and other technical equipment you may have to use. Make sure that you are prepared to use the various forms of communication that the internet offers before you begin working as an online psychologist.Communication Methods For Online or Long-Distance Therapy
There are several forms of communication that you can choose to use to conduct therapy and counseling sessions with your clients.

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Instant Messaging
  • Forums
  • Webcams
  • Video Messages

Although telephone counseling generally applies to communication via land line phone or cell phones, the invention of internet phone communications has expanded this kind of communication.Ideas You Should Consider Before Launching Your Online Psychologist BusinessHow you will verify that you are speaking to the real patient- this is most often taken care of through the use of usernames and passwords.

Parental consent- in some states, children under the age of 18 are not allowed to take part in any type of therapy without the consent of their parent. Be sure to check the laws in your client’s state for information on whether parental consent is required.You must develop and inform your clients of what hours you will work, what fees you will charge, and any days you will or will not be available.

Some states require you to report harmful behavior- If your state requires you to do so, inform your clients.If you have the desire to work from home, help individuals, are tech savvy, and have the right kind of education, becoming an online psychologist may be the right job for you.

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