Become a Child Psychologist

How to become a Child Psychologist of Limited Age

A child psychologist is a type of clinical psychologist that works exclusively with children. These children can range in age from infants through adolescents through high school. Child psychologists are educated in human growth and development, focusing on the normal and abnormal development of children. Some child psychologists focus on one group, such as teenagers, or certain childhood problems, such as autism or social anxiety. No matter what population child psychologists choose, they focus on research and prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of developmental issues.

Child Psychologist Specialty Fields

Many child psychologists work within clinical settings, such as private practice. However, many child psychologists can use their education and experience in other related fields. Since developmental psychology extends across the lifespan, you can find child psychologists working in many related fields in psychology.

Clinical / Abnormal Child Psychologist:

Clinical psychologists often work with children who have developmental and emotional problems and mental disorder. Some child psychologists focus on treatment of mental illness and disorder within the child and adolescent population. These psychologists can be called clinical child psychologists or abnormal child psychologists.Adolescent Psychologist: Adolescent psychologists focus on problems that occur mainly in adolescents.Abnormal Child Psychologist, Specialty Fields, children and adolescents

They may focus on the entire adolescent population or focus on one specialty area such as eating disorders, personality, gender roles and sexual development, and social growth, as well as depression and anxiety.Developmental Psychologist / Research Psychologist: Some child psychologists focus on researching the development of children and adolescents. These child psychologists can also be called developmental or research psychologists.

School Psychologist:

School psychologists work within the educational system to help children with social, emotional and academic issues within schools.

Educational Psychologist:

Similar to school psychologists, educational psychologists work within the educational system. Some child psychologists focus on researching and understanding how students learn, and work to improve learning. Educational psychologists may also study gifted learners and those with learning disabilities to improve their educational experiences.

To become a child psychologist you need to earn a doctoral degree in psychology. Some schools may offer doctoral programs focused on child psychology, but the vast majority of child psychologists earn their degrees in developmental psychology or another similar field and go on to focus their internships and post graduate work on child psychology. Attaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology is the first step.

If you wish to be a child psychologist it is important to focus your undergraduate work on your goals by taking as many classes in human development and child psychology as possible. After attaining a bachelor’s degree you must be accepted into a doctoral program, or attain a master’s degree before going on to receive a doctoral degree. To practice clinically, child psychologists must also become licensed in the state in which they wish to practice.

A career in psychology provides more than just the satisfaction of helping people and society. Many psychologists also earn an excellent salary while doing so. However, there is a tremendous amount of variation in yearly salary earnings between different types of psychologists. Even within a part

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