7 Steps to Becoming a Psychology Major

7 Steps to Becoming a Psychology Major after Getting High Degree

Many high school students and college freshman are curious about becoming a Psychology Major. Like any major, it is a tough decision. Psychology certainly requires a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the student. There are several steps to accomplishing this goal successfully.7 Steps to Becoming a Psychology Major

Take as many science classes as you can in high school. In fact, having a great foundation in science will only assist you in further college studies in science. Any student seeking a Psychology Major will be required to take extensive classes in all the science and existing high school experience, even just a basic understanding, can help.

Maintain a high overall GPA. Everyone knows that colleges look for good grades but you need to maintain those throughout your senior year. In fact, many Psychology Departments have more stringent requirements than the university as a whole.

Volunteer for any psychology or social services activities as you can. Not only does volunteer work help the community at large, it also gives prospective Psychology Majors a great insight into the field overall. Plus, as an added bonus, you can ask your supervisor for a letter of recommendation for all those college applications.

Inquire about job shadowing. Ask you high school counselor, the people you volunteer with, the Psych Department or anyone else you can think of that has contacts in the field. Following someone around for the day that already works in some aspect of the field is an eye-opening experience for anyone interested in becoming a Psychology Major.

Once you arrive at college, stay focused. It just doesn’t do anyone any good if you let all your hard work in high school go to waste by having too much fun once you get to the dorms. Spend time each and every night studying. Do not save it until the last minute, or worse forget assignments. Even those who were quick learners in high school can realize that college is much tougher than they thought.

Find a great spot in the library. You will be spending a lot of your free time in the library, especially if you decide on a Psychology Major, so find a comfy chair. You may prefer to study alone or in a study group. It really doesn’t matter as long as you keep a steady pace throughout the semester and learn what is required of you.Psychology Major, stringent requirements, Volunteer for any psychology

Make friends with the department staff. In fact, all Psychology Majors should heed this advice. Stopping by to introduce yourself, to ask questions or just to say hello is important. Not only do you make friends with the staff but you also may get a lead on a new class with limited enrollment before other students. You may also feel comfortable enough asking them for a letter of recommendation for graduate school when the time comes.

There you have it. Seven steps to not just becoming a Psychology Major but to excelling in your studies. Take them to heart, work hard and you will find a great deal of satisfaction in your chosen field.

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