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The Advantages Of Family Counseling

positive demeanour, Family Counseling, complications in life

The Advantages Of Family Counseling in Your Life You may never step foot into a therapist’s office during your lifetime, but many folks find this is where they finish up one or more times in their life. Though many go for individual care to help them when they’re depressed or dealing with complications in life, family counseling is something that …

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Forensic & Criminal Psychology

Criminal Psychologists, Forensic psychology, court system

Forensic & Criminal Psychology, two branches of psychology Forensic psychology and criminal psychology are two branches of psychology that both work with the legal system. The two terms are often used interchangeably; there is a great deal of overlap in the education and training necessary, as well as the work that both forensic psychologists and criminal psychologists do.Often, both forensic and …

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Become a Clinical Psychologist

Communication Skills, Clinical psychologist, Strong Science Skills

Becoming a Clinical Psychologist to start a Career Are you thinking of becoming a clinical psychologist? Since the late 19th century, clinical psychology has been growing and evolving as a career and has become one of the most important careers within the helping field of psychology. When we think of clinical psychologists, we often think of classic one-on-one therapy. This …

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Types of Psychology

American Psychological Association, Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

Types of Psychology for good Understanding Most people believe that they have a good understanding of what psychology is, as well as the different types of psychology. Afterall, we all use psychology constantly to try and understand our own behavior and the behavior of others. However, the American Psychological Association defines psychology as “The scientific study of the behavior of …

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Types of Psychology Degrees

Doctorate degree, psychology degrees, doctoral dissertation

Types of Psychology Degrees both undergraduate and graduate With psychology becoming a more popular choice for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, a wide variety of types of psychology degree options are available. If you are looking to study psychology or develop a career path in psychology the first step is to find out what degree is right for you. The …

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Top Psychology Schools

top psychology school, career opportunities, graduate psychology programs

Top Psychology Schools that offer undergraduate and graduate psychology programs There are hundreds of colleges and universities across the country and around the world that offer undergraduate and graduate psychology programs, but which are the best psychology schools? Psychology has recently risen to one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in the US. Psychology offers diverse career opportunities even at the …

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Top 3 Myths About Earning

forensic psychology, Trauma Psychology, online psychologist

Top 3 Myths About Earning Your Psychology Degree   Psychology Degree Myths Online Psychology Degrees Don’t Provide You With The Right Information For Your Career- Okay, let me explain that one. Most people know that earning your psychology degree will provide you with the piece of paper that allows you to practice, but so many individuals are highly apprehensive about …

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Forensic Psychology salaries 

Forensic Psychology, Psychology Salaries, psychological subfields

Forensic Psychology & Criminal Psychology Salaries It’s difficult to click through television stations without seeing a myriad of shows about criminal investigation, but have they ever made you think about what they make on a Forensic Psychology salary or Criminal Psychology salary? Whether television shows such as CSI and Law & Order have caused an increase in interest in criminal …

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How to become a Counsellor

listen empathically, psychological theory, Counseling Psychology

How to become a Counsellor through High Degree Perhaps you are a high school student that is interested in pursuing a psychology degree. Or perhaps you are in college struggling to find the major that fits your personality. If you are en empathic and caring person with good communications skills and would enjoy helping others, counseling psychology may be a …

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How to become a Psychiatrist

psychiatrists, psychological medications, psychotherapy

How to become a Psychiatrist which requires a serious commitment Becoming a psychiatrist requires a serious commitment to helping people as well as the education required to get there. Unlike Clinical Psychologists and other psychologists, Psychiatrists are medical doctors first. Becoming a psychiatrist involves not only the education required to become a physician, but also additional intensive training in psychiatry. The …

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The Psychologist and Working with Post

Traumatic Stress, group therapy, mental disorder

The Psychologist and Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Psychology Specialized Fields: The Research Psychologist Top 3 Psychology Careers for 2011 »Post traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is a seriously mental condition that can typically be treated by a variety of mental health physicians, including a psychologist. This disorder greatly affects the life of a patient, and usually …

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How to Become an Addiction

substance abuse, Center for Disease Control, traumatic syndrome

How to Become an Addiction or Substance Abuse Counselor   Addictions and substance abuse seem to have taken over today’s society. Alcohol alone claims thousands of lives each year, both by automobile related injuries as well as health related issues caused by alcohol abuse. According to the Center for Disease Control, CDC, almost half of all Americans claim to be …

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Becoming a Group Therapist

Qualified Psychologist, Psychotherapy, Group Therapist

Psychology Career Options Becoming a Group Therapist   Of the many career opportunities you will have as a qualified psychologist, one of the options available to the private practitioner is to work with group therapy sessions. Group therapy has become much more common over the past few decades and is not only rewarding and helpful for the patients involved, but …

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Secrets to Writing Your Psychology Papers

Psychology Papers, psychology writing, steps of writting

Secrets to Writing Your Psychology Papers and be Well   We’ve interviewed a successful writer who shared her secrets to writing your psychology papers, and any other writing may want to do, such as blogging or keeping detailed papers on the progress of your patients.Writing Your Psychology College Papers Quickly and Efficiently.The most important part of writing your psychology papers …

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Top 3 Psychology Careers

psychological disorders, Average Salary, Psychology Careers

Top 3 Psychology Careers for 2011 Psychologist The Psychologist and Working with Post Traumatic Stress DisorderSecrets to Writing Your Psychology Papers »If you’ve looked into the different career paths available in psychology, you’ve no doubt noticed that deciding on the specialized field you are interested in pursuing before getting too far in your college training is wise. Psychology includes several branches …

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