Monday , 23 April 2018
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Clear Your Mind!

Motivation, Life

There is always a way . . . Remove Can’t from your life. Must have can do attitude. “Be Positive Have Positive”

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I Am Facebook User

Facebook, Life

Facebook is as important as food! If not able to access the account, it feels like life is empty. Facebook users are crazy, they can’t have time for family, friends or social gathering but can spend hours on Facebook. It’s like one-stop shopping place. Where you have social networking, gaming, shopping, information, entertainment or anything you name it! Once you …

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Get Yourself Free . . .

Motivation, Life, False Thoughts

People often memorize their own thoughts and stick on it, without analyzing either they are right or wrong. After that they are unable to think out of the box. They always see things with the view of their own false thoughts, they even not understand the reality. They make decisions and sooner face failure. So we must not make our …

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Vacation Relaxation

Motivation; Life

  People normally spend their vacations in stress. They tried their best to finish all pending work, even try to grab upcoming important task before timelines, so they will have relax vacations. Once vacations started, their mind continuously clinking to check e-mails, they resist and worried about the burden of work on their return. At this moment they more think …

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